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CRM SOLUTIONS – is a team of certified professionals with practical experience in Forex sales services. Since 2014, we have implemented dozens of business cases for companies that work on the Forex market. The result of our experience is the CRM CRM4BROKERS system, which contains solutions for the most common scenarios of working with clients in this area. The main modules of our solution:

Lead management is the basis of the process of increasing sales and the most important task of the marketing department for any type of business. The solution CRM4BROKERS offers a set of tools for full automation of the lead management process, with the possibility of detailed analysis of all stages and results.

Sales management is complex multilevel process, which result depends on many factors, and is consistent with many different parameters. CRM4BROKERS helps to organize the process: managing leads, opportunity, customer data, data analyzing and making the right decisions basing on it.

CRM4BROKERS solution helps to automate the processes of customer retention and growth. Building the right strategy for interaction with customers. Analyze managers work results and dynamic from the first replenishment.

Competent customer service is the key to success of the company. CRM4BROKERS solution provides tools for the organization of quality customer service, which leads to loyalty increasing, trust, and results company's financial performance increasing.



The CRM4BROKERS solution created on the basis of dozens of projects for companies working on the Forex market. Developing the solution, we set the goal to promote a product based only on the effective and key company’s needs. In other words, the needs that have real value for the business. The solution automates: the work of the marketing department, sales, retention, verification, service. Get more detailed information by contacting our experts or downloading the presentation of the solution.




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CRM Solutions offers ready products that suit both start-up companies and mature companies that work on the Forex market:

Why us

CRM SOLUTIONS – a team of certified professionals with practical experience in sales Forex services


Since 2014, we have implemented dozens of projects for Forex market companies.


We specialize exclusively in solving the tasks of automatization the processes of companies that work at the Forex market.

Box Solution

CRM4BROKERS is the ready product solution, which solves typical tasks of clients, does not require development from 0.

Our clients

These are our most precious treasures. Only our customers can give a better recommendation of our services.


For design and development of the solution we use the best tools known all over the world.


Our mission is to provide innovative, effective tools that help our customers to achieve more


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About us

Specialized provider of complex CRM solutions for companies working on the Forex market.


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